One Day.

Intended for:
Anyone that needs to increase their personal effectiveness through time management.

What are your time bandits?
 – An activity that encourages participants to work together to identify what prevents them making the best use of their time.

If I had more time – Participants ponder what they would do if extra time is available to them .

Ambitions and Long Term Goals – Participants complete our aspirations questionnaire to help them identify their long term goals.

Turning Goals into Reality – An activity to help participants plan the activities which turns ambition into reality.

The 1’s – A look at medium and short term planning.

Managing Interruptions – Identifying and management of interruptions that interfere with our effectiveness.

Procrastination – Activities to help participants recognise that they procrastinate, why they do it and how to manage it.

Managing meetings – We investigate the cost of poorly managed or unnecessary meetings and consider how to overcome these issues.

Delegation – Participants examine some delegation advice from famous people and consider the relevance to themselves.

At this end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise what prevents them from making the best use of their time
  • Make necessary long medium and short term plans to help schedule and organise activities
  • Manage their ‘To Do List’ effectively
  • Control interruptions so they have limited impact
  • Recognise and manage common time wasters
  • Identify why they procrastinate and how to manage it