One day.

Intended for:
Anyone who is involved in facilitating groups whether as part of a formal meeting, a training course or general facilitation of groups of individuals in the workplace.

The facilitation skills training will equip participants with knowledge and skills to enable them to identify effective facilitation, where intervention is required, what tools to use and when to use them.

What is Facilitation?
– Defining facilitation and recognising challenging and supporting behaviours

Controlling Your Emotions As A Facilitator – Reference is made to the various domains of emotional intelligence and challenging situations are discussed where emotions may be difficult to control

Group Dynamics and Audience Management – Examining the stages of group development and recognising that groups at different stages may require different facilitation techniques

Identifying Characteristics of Groups – Building on the previous sessions to establish how recognising different characteristics in a group will help with facilitation

Where Are You Now? – A questionnaire to help identify personal development areas

When to intervene – Identifying situations where intervention is required and how to approach this

Facilitation Tools and Techniques – A look at different methods of making your facilitation sessions more interesting and the essential skills of questioning and listening

Facilitation Skills in Action – Examining a case study to help in identifying successful facilitation

Facilitation Skills -Application Exercises – The courses is rounded off by practice sessions in which all members of the group are involved.

At this end of this facilitation skills training course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain what facilitation is and in what situations supporting and challenging should be used
  • Identify group dynamics and recognise what intervention is needed depending on the situation and the individuals within the group
  • Put into practice, tools and techniques learnt during the course to enable successful facilitation