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Intended for:
Anyone in a position of leadership would benefit from the training programme. If someone has to harness the skills and energy of other people to achieve a common goal then this course is for them. The leadership skills training course will benefit participants that are relatively new to the role of leadership or are in need of a fresh perspective to their leadership role.

There are three elements of leadership that the training will focus on, these are: Personal Leadership, Team Leadership and Task Leadership.

Icebreaker – Leadership Words – Helping participants to focus on the relevant attributes of a leader and explore their own views towards leadership.

Personal Leadership – Identifying with strengths and weaknesses and developing a strong sense of self-awareness by reviewing the following areas:
– Be True to Your Strengths – A self review of personal attributes and their current effectiveness and personal actions to develop.
– Solicit Feedback – Understanding working relationships and reviewing which interactions are working and those that are not.
– Ask Good Questions and Listen to the Responses – Challenging the participants to take positive measures to become truly self-aware.
– Commit to Lifelong Learning – Identifying valuable methods of learning and development.

Team Leadership – Learning to motivate and inspire teams in the face of challenges by reviewing the following areas:
– Be Positive – Developing a fundamental belief that you can change and improve things.
– Develop a Vision – Using a clear process for developing goals and aims that are directly related to the vision of the organisation and making them live for the team.
– Lead by Example – Realising that they must set an example to the team and effectively demonstrate they have a strong work ethic.
– Be Inclusive – Taking a questionnaire to establish their current approach to inclusiveness. Developing a sensible approach to transformational leadership and valuing the input of the team.
– Manage Negativity – Exploring the impact of negativity and establishing methods of overcoming it.

Task Leadership – Ensuring the job gets done and you are instrumental in improvements that secure the future of your work area and the organisation as a whole. Reviewing the following areas:
– Delegation – Distributing relevant work tasks in such a way that it is seen as motivational and effective. Following a clear and simple process.
– Continuous Improvement – Identifying new opportunities. Regularly reviewing business processes and methods in the drive for improvement.
– Problem Solving – Coping with problems as they arise and using a simple method to explore innovative ideas and come to a reasoned solution.

At the end of this leadership skills training course, participants will be able to:

  • Clearly define the core requirements of Personal, Team and Task Leadership
  • Increase their self-awareness and develop a positive approach to leadership
  • Utilise clear methods of getting the best out of their team and those around them
  • Implement working practices that will assist them in becoming a great leader