1 day

Intended for:
Anyone of any status within an organisation who is facing the prospect of redundancy would benefit from this training course.

Looking After Number 1 – Reacting to News of Redundancy – in this opening section we consider the external factors that affect how individuals react to the news of redundancy with a view to rationalising matters and providing focus

Looking After Number 1 – How Does it Feel? – moving on from the first section, here we examine the emotional aspects of redundancy, addressing them appropriately and clearing the way ahead to deal with future practicalities

Planning – Where are you Now? – we take a simple but practical planning tool to begin assessing finances, career achievements and responsibilities

Planning – Where do you Want to be? – now we move on to outline aspirations and needs for the future, identifying blocks and applying an effective problem solving technique to achieve progress

Planning – How Will you get There? – this section completes the planning model by established the practical steps that are needed to put into place the plans made in the previous 2 planning sections

Job Searching – we consider all the appropriate options for maximising results when looking for work Applications – the ‘nuts and bolts’ of job applications are assembled here, including application packs, application forms, job descriptions, person specifications and covering letters

CV Preparation – here we consider how to create an effective and high impact CV

Networking – we look briefly here at the types and merits of networking in order to achieve progress after redundancy

Interviews – this section de-mystifies the format and types of interviews that a prospective employer might use

Interview Skills – a practical session geared towards thinking things through from a creative perspective and with a view to building confidence

A New Direction? – re-training, qualifications, voluntary work and working for yourself are all discussed here for those who may be considering a post redundancy change of direction

Staying Focused – our closing session provides motivational and practical tips on keeping things together and being realistic about the future.

At this end of this dealing with redundancy training course participants will be able to:

  • Identify reactions and emotions to news of redundancy and apply basic coping mechanisms
  • Put together a plan to take you to the next stage of your work life
  • Know how and where to job search
  • Know how to apply a simple problem solving technique
  • Identify the required components of a CV and an application form
  • Know interview ‘best practice’
  • Explain the role of networking in returning to work
  • Consider a range of options as an alternative to getting another job.