1 day

Intended for:

  • Anyone who engages with customers whether internal or external
  • Particularly effective for participants that want to exceed customer expectations and eliminate customer complaints
  • Participants that want to follow through the customer journey within their organisation and focus on tangible actions that work

The main aim of Customer Excellence is to provide participants with lots of ideas and actions based on their own job role that they can easily take back to the workplace and implement immediately in order to improve the experience of customers.

Customer Excellence course is incredibly action based and participants are challenged to return to the workplace with a set of clear, self-developed guidelines that will improve service standards from day one.

The key training content elements are:
Measuring Customer Service – Using a clear development tool to measure current standards of customer service and identifying areas for improvement. This tool is also provided in a format that can be taken back to the workplace for further customer service measuring and improvements.

My Customer Service Brand – Establishing what level of service each individual would like to offer and what they would like customers to say about them followed by actions to make this happen.

The Customer Service Journey – Detailing the customer’s journey within each participants organisation and identifying touchpoints where service can be improved, altered or adapted. The key challenge here being ‘how are you going to do that?’

Managing Customer Expectations – Understanding customer service expectation levels and focusing on the five key areas of customer service; Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy and Response.

Customer Complaints – Establishing why they occur, what can be done about them and how we can stop them from happening in the first place. Supported with a clear process for dealing with customer complaints.

Difficult Customers – Looking at why customers can seem difficult, what can be done about it and the behaviours we should display when dealing with difficult customers.

Gremlin in the Works – A fun activity that brings together the key learning points and challenges participants to identify and resolve issues in a customer process simulation. These can then be apply to the individuals work processes and used to create actions.

Excellent Actions – A collection of the key things that customers consider to be important in customer service and how participants can apply them to their own behaviours and take the actions back to the workplace. This activity leaves participants with ideas buzzing round their head as the session closes out.

At the end of this Customer Service training course participants will be able to:

  • Clearly identify the do’s and don’ts of customer service and measure themselves against them
  • Describe the important part that being customer-focused plays in ensuring the success of their organisation
  • Build their customer brand, fill gaps in service and develop methods of creating a great customer experience.
  • Follow clear techniques to help manage difficult customer issues effectively and even clearer techniques for avoiding them in the first place.