One Day

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The Complaint Handling training will help front line staff to deal with complaints in a straight forward and effective way. The approach used takes participants through a number of activities to suit all learning styles and to ensure that the lessons learned stick long after the course is over.

Why are complaints good for business? – In this activity participants consider why complaints are good for business and why unhappy customers should not be discouraged from complaining.

How to make a bad situation even worse – Participants discuss ways in which they can ensure that they handle their complaints badly and then relate this to their own experiences handling complaints.

Turning Complaints Around – Participants are introduced to our own complaints handling approach called AURA. They then work through a case study to help them apply AURA practically.

Complaint Handling Skills – Using empathy, understanding, self-control and listening skills to positively resolve a complaint

Hostility – It is inevitable that some complainants will be hostile and this session provides participants with some tips to help them handle hostility.

Personal Abuse – Hostility can spill over into personal abuse. Participants learn how to handle this professionally by listening to a situation and discussing how they would handle it.

Complaint Handling Practice – Participants have the chance to practice the techniques they have learned using our simulations.

By the end of this complaint handling training course participants will be able to:

  • Explain why good complaint handling is important to the business
  • Handle complaints effectively and consistently using the AURA approach
  • Handle hostile complaints calmly and professionally
  • Turn around customer complaints and dissatisfaction