1 day

Intended for:
This Business Planning training course is aimed at anyone that is involved in developing and planning for business. It can be used to assist people that are starting out in business or those that are well established.

The training course can also be used to help teams understand that they must think commercially in order to help grow business and survive in today’s competitive market.

This Business Planning training course has been designed to help participants develop their business by looking at the issue of commerciality. The key drivers of commerciality are customers, the competition and stakeholders. How they interpret these demands and respond to their needs on an ongoing basis will determine the sustainability of their business.

Setting the scene – An exercise that gets delegates to think about how their business is viewed, both internally and externally. What are their customers saying about them?

What is Commerciality? – Establishing what commerciality is and why it is important to the success of a business.

What does the future look like? – A follow on from the ‘setting the scene’ exercise that gets delegates to look at how they would like their business to look in the future.

What’s the vision for your business? – Developing a clear understanding of what the business is and what they want it to be using practical questions.

My Vision – Defining their vision in a clear statement and assessing this statement against achievability, buy-in, clarity etc.

Developing Your Business – Establishing what makes a business successful and identifying specific means of developing their business. Use of ‘Tesco’ as a model.

Influencing Factors – Performing a SWOT analysis to determine the internal and external influences on the business and creating key actions from this.

Continuous Improvement – Viewing the Customer Experience Transition model and understanding that ‘Exceptional’ becomes ‘Standard’. Identifying what they can do that is exceptional.

Innovation – Understanding the barriers to innovation, it’s importance and how to follow a process for innovation.

Review – A fun exercise that brings the learning together and reviews the session.

By the end of this Business Planning Training Course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the ”vision” for their business and what they want to achieve
  • Define Commerciality and why it is important
  • Explain the four ways their business can grow
  • Develop specific strategies for their business and know how to exploit them
  • Develop a SWOT analysis and key actions to drive their business forward
  • Explain the customer experience transition and why this creates the need for continuous improvement
  • Implement a process for innovative thinking