1/2 day

Intended for:
People that work in a sales environment and are required to manage accounts and gain business directly with customers. This course has been used to particularly good effect by Sales Mangers that wish to introduce specific modules of training to their sales meetings.

Setting the Scene – Establishing the four ways a business can hope to grow and be successful.

Developing Opportunities – Demonstrating the danger of becoming too comfortable with our customers and allowing this to restrict the amount of business we develop.

Cross-selling – A simple trick, so often missed – Appreciating the opportunities we have to develop sales through our existing customer base.

The Magic Matrix – A tool for identifying gaps in our sales approach.

Referrals – Developing ideas on asking for referrals and overcoming issues and concerns that may arise

Developing Opportunities Exercise – Setting out a game plan to take advantage of identified opportunities and a commitment to action.


At the end of this sales training course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the four ways a business can grow sales
  • Demonstrate what happens when you gain growth in these key areas
  • Use a tool which provides them with an in-depth understanding of the customers they have cross-sold to and more importantly, those they have not
  • Explain the positive effects of gaining referrals from their customers
  • Follow a set plan to exploit the opportunities identified